Earthquakes in Puerto Rico Update 01/12/2020

Blessings from Blessed IV Life! Hope your start for 2020 is a good one. I informed a few people who are follow up on what is happening in Puerto Rico and how they can help. Here are my findings as of today.

The plans were to go to the affected area of the island and assist with some sort of relief for those living with these constant tremors. As you may know the south end of the island has been flooded with tremors (earthquakes) since December 28. The surrounding structures are being damaged with the daily activities. There are many who lost their homes and there are others that are living in the open areas (streets, open fields, etc.…) because of fear of their residence collapsing on them. The roadways that lead to these towns have been damaged. Some of the damages are to great to allow anyone to use them. This has created such a congestion to travel these parts. A normal ride of an hour and half can be extended to four plus hours.

Because of the amount of assistance going to these parts we decided to postpone our trip until we have connected with someone already working with the people of the affected towns. As of today, we are aware of one ministry reaching these parts through the local Southern Baptist Churches, “Send Relief.” Blessed IV Life ministries heart is for the people of Saint Just. We are still attending homes that have been affected by Hurricane Maria.

The North end of the island where our ministry is concentrated hasn’t been affected much apart from power outages. As of today, the upper half of the island is doing well apart from the ongoing financial challenges we have been facing as the people of Puerto Rico for some time now.

Once we have clear info of those ministries actively at work in the South end of Puerto Rico then we will share that info so support can be directed through them for those who want to help people of the effected towns.

Keep the prayers coming for the people of Puerto Rico. May the hope of our Lord Jesus be theirs as well.

June 2019 - CRU hard at work. Another family blessed!

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Blessed IV Life is a small Christian Non-Profit ministry that provides low and no-cost resources and work to Puerto Rico during the recovery process. We are committed to providing worthwhile volunteer opportunities to locals, out-of-state groups, and lovers of the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico from around the world.



Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico as a Category 5 hurricane, offers Christians a chance to be helpful—to show God’s grace and mercy to a disaster-filled world. 


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